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Laser Therapy
Imagine leaving the dental chair with a DELightful smile. Dr. Paskow and Dr. Ram are proud to offer the DELight™ Dental Laser System for treating most types of cavities. The laser works by emitting a specialized light that targets and destroys the dental decay. Lasers are truly revolutionizing the way we treat cavities.

Drills are very powerful, and the vibration and large hole produced can cause discomfort, making some types of anesthesia almost always necessary. With the DELight laser, the light works to destroy and remove the decay with no uncomfortable tooth vibration and resulting discomfort. Additionally, because the laser is so precise, only the decayed part of the tooth is removed leaving more of the healthy part of the tooth. Rather than that loud drilling sound, you hear only a gentle tapping. Clinical studies show that 96% of all patients both adults and children required no anesthesia when the DELight dental laser was used to treat decay. Another benefit of the DELight is no time spent waiting for Novocain to take affect or to wear off. Multiple teeth and parts of your mouth can be worked on in ONE sitting instead of having to return to your dentist multiple times to have a cavity filled.

The treatment has proven to be quick and safe in over tens of thousands of applications throughout the world, especially for young children.

  • 90% of all patients required no anesthesia
  • The DELight is safe for both adults and children
  • Precise and anxiety-free procedure
  • Treat multiple parts of the mouth in one sitting
  • No shots, no drills, and no numb lip!

What are other dentists saying about the DELight Dental Laser System?

“I have worked with lasers for years, and the DELightTM is truly both doctor and patient friendly. It is a breakthrough in offering alternative approaches to tooth preparation.” Richard Mungo, DDS
Pediatric Dentist, Huntington Beach, CA

"The patients love it, I love it. It is truly better dentistry. It is what we have been looking for."

Steve Lynch, DMD
General Dentist, Oxford, AL

“I have had a lot of experience using hard and soft tissue lasers over the past several years, and in my opinion, the DELightTM performs better for most hard and soft tissue procedures.” William Greider, DMD
Ft. Myers, FL